A twig of interweaving passages

Blood Beech tree, wind, birds singing, wood, glass, silver chain, brass, leather,
bronze casting of a twig that fallen in front of me.
W470 × D/H variable cm

"PLAY MUSEUM", Schmuck2
at Gutspark Glashagen Hof, Retschow, Germany
Curated by Susan Pietzsch

Photo: Asako Shiroki

One day I was walking on the street, I found charming shapes of the twigs.
As I had one of them in my hand, I spotted a bird's nest over my head. It was
the moment of intervening between rational collection and destined accumulation,
and it was the moment of discovering passages and interweaving different worlds.
A charming shape of the twig was the connection of autonomous existence.
I felt that we exist in our time with many different layers of the world.