Follow Your Sun - On the midsummer day (Video)

1h 8min 26sec
Director and Artist: Asako Shiroki
Director of Photography and Sound: Asako Shiroki
Video and Sound Editor: Yoshihiro Inada

This work was filmed on the occasion of the residency program at Malt AIR at Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft in Denmark
where is a collaboration between Maltfabrikken, Kunsthal Aarhus and The Danish Art Workshops, and the programme
is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

I attempted to capture the highest and longest sun of the year at the midsummer day in a drawing.
As I continue to trace the ever-changing shadows with the pencil, I can physically feel the speed
and change of the light.
This may be similar to the desire of people living in Scandinavia, where winters are long, to grab
the short summer sun. I physically relives the existence of the sun for them and how the environment
is reflected in their customs, culture and individual psyche.
I myself live in Europe and unconsciously follow the time in my home country Japan, where the sun always
rises seven hours ahead of me in my daily life, and imagine someone in a faraway place. What I am trying
to do with this act of drawing is to track of time and space and at the same time try to imagine other
beings in other places.